Beware those who fall under my gaze..
This is both a personal and AU - OC RP account. If you want to RP, just ask.

IC: My name is Kristina Burnett and I'm an immortal mutant. If my gaze falls on you I can control you with a single thought. Be careful.

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M!A: None

Not the Fondest of Meetings || pitch-black-is-the-night


Pitch nodded carefully, holding his hands up to show that he meant no harm. He knew he could easily defeat her, but he didn’t want her coming at him. He rather liked her, despite her adverse reaction to him. He saw her hands move to behind her back and sighed. She obviously had a weapon there. He lowered his hands slowly, but continued to keep his guard up. “My sudden change took me by surprise too, okay? I didn’t mean to react like I did.”

She knew he watched her hand, she could hear him thinking about it.  ”It is not these that would put you on your back.”  She pulled one of the sleekly designed knives out, twirling it in her fingers.  ”These are merely a distraction for most.”  Still, his hands were up so she put the knife back where it rested before.  He did look as surprised and now cautious as she was so she straightened up against the wall.  ”But I will mean no harm if you don’t.”